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      “The frustrations I have are when I inherit a property that’s poorly done. It needs repairs such as cutting it out, redoing it, regrading it, and all sorts of things. I like things done right the first time with the best possible quality so we don’t have those problems. I don’t like redoing stuff.”

       “I always get the true assessment from Sheedy. I felt like I was being misled with other companies as to what needed to be done and how it needed to be done. There’s a level of integrity. You know when somebody’s telling you the truth after you’ve been doing the same thing for 30 or 40 years. You just realize that some things are BS and some things aren’t, and you just don’t have to worry about somebody like Sheedy Paving leading you down a path that’s not the best for their customers.”

      “I like being able to call Mike, or anybody there at Sheedy, and telling them what I need and what my schedule is. I am able to get budget numbers from them that I can submit and really not worrying about having to get three or four bids anymore and putting them up against each other and chopping them out to pick the good one. I usually just believe that Sheedy is going to be the best one for the money, and so that’s what I pick.”

      “We’ve used Sheedy Paving for multiple milling paving projects. I was having a hard time finding a competent contractor who could mill and pave and do it efficiently while staying on task. Sheedy was able to help us with that and always is able to hit deadlines. We went through a couple of contractors before we finally got a hold of Sheedy. Some people could hit on a few of the things, but no-one was just hitting on every single item that was important to us. Sheedy was able to come in and look professional, be professional, and they did what they said they were going to do. Their guys were great to work with and very professional themselves.”

       “When I realized Sheedy’s services were working for me was when I felt like I didn’t have to hold everybody’s hands when they came in to do the job. I knew that they knew what they were doing and I didn’t have to babysit.”

      ” Now that we’ve worked through some projects with Sheedy, I feel like moving forward, it’s a no brainer to continue using them. When we go about hiring Sheedy, I find that it’s very easy.”

Brandon Reed, Duraseal

       I work for Jones Lang LaSalle, or JLL, which is a full service commercial real estate firm. A lot of my projects I work on with Sheedy Paving are focused in the western submarket of Columbus. I focus on industrial leasing, so we work on a lot of truck courts and asphalt paving together.

      Before discovering Sheedy Paving’s services, the main problem I was having was finding an asphalt vendor that would partner with me to go after pursuits and win new business. Not every business venture I go after I win, but I need people, such as Sheedy Paving, to partner with me to make sure that our numbers are firm enough to where we have a good shot of winning it.

      It was frustrating feeling like companies were pressing me for quote approvals, rather than partnering with me to go after and win new business as a team. So when I was going out with other companies, it was always a constant “Is this approved? Is this approved?” And when I partner with somebody such as Sheedy Paving, it’s a pursuit of business that we’re both trying to win together, and I feel much more comfortable working those pursuits out with Sheedy rather than another vendor. The main difference would be consistency in pricing. Year after year I feel Sheedy Paving is well in line with industry standards and, from what I can tell, Sheedy Paving is trying to win a bulk of business from JLL, and not just one job at a time.

Nick Tomasone, Jones Lang Laselle

      “We were in the process of building a house and we needed a driveway. We tried to contact several different driveway companies. Some would call us back, some wouldn’t. We finally got ahold of Sheedy Paving and Alex came out to our house and we had a great experience from there. We would just have numerous companies that wouldn’t call back after we left messages. We would have some companies come out and give us quotes for services that we didn’t ask for.”

       “Well, first of all Alex came out and spent quite a bit of time hanging out on our front porch and asked several thorough questions and got a detailed overview of what we were looking for. The moment I realized that our problems were going to get solved is the day that the crews showed up at our house. There were several guys. They all got along, they all worked together, there wasn’t much down time. Very professional group.”

      “Once we had our residential driveway done, we were so impressed and happy with the services that Sheedy gave us that now we’re in conversations with them to do our commercial projects as well. We’re in the carwash business and we’ve got a couple acre sites that are 12 to 15 years old that need some service. Alex and I have been talking about how we’re going to tackle those projects this year.”

Matt Morgan, Captain Carwash
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